Blue Dream

from by I M U R

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The sample at the end of this track was taken from Jenny's parent's album from the 70's, Shamash - Rusty Heart. Her mom, Del Hunter, sings the end lyrics "Just Dreams".


(Tee Krispil)
There’s war goin on around us,
But these issues so beyond us
We need time to heal our conscious
Time to recognize our problems
We so caught up in the dollars
Ballers thinking that they run us
Hundreds got us feeling grown up
We so lost we need a compass.
A young teen
Fiending to be lean
Wishing that my ass looked smaller in my jeans,
I guess i lacked the self esteem to see that
I was just a god under the sun
But it all changed when i began to bun.

(Jenny Lea)
Mary Jane she was my first, at 13 quenched my thirst.
She said come hang girl I can show you things.
She came through that was cool, I got a little better at art school, we hung out almost every single day.

You take my head to the clouds keep my feet on the ground Keep that weight off my shoulders you got me feeling so high


(Tee Krispil)

My first joint I got so paranoid
Annoyed i couldn’t fill my voids
With substances, abusive boys
My vices always brought me joy
But Mary Jane she taught how to love myself again
And moments later I picked up my up my pen
Took a day, just how my story went
She taught me how to value health
A different wealth
So now i wake up sipping green juice
Meditation, feeling well,
I’m looking at my future
Brighter than it ever has
So every day I’m thanking Jah for the grass

(Jenny Lea)
Sometimes you'd steal the show, when I was only 22years old, he'd say you're biding up all of my time.
Couldn't help that I wanted to, do nothing but kick it with you. You make me feel so good girl it's a shame
You take my head to the clouds keep my feet on the ground Keep that weight off my shoulders you got me feeling so high

(Tee Krispil)

I like Blue Dream, Tangerine
No tobacco leaves for me
Cuz i prefer it nice and clean
How nature wanted it to be
No ego feed, no alchemy
Cuz i smoke to gain prophecy
And i see the way that we were meant to be
Living peacefully in harmony
Its easily a part of me
But greedily it swallowed me
Balance was the key
You see like anything you have to regulate your intake,
So burn up with intention not as a means to escape

(Del Hunter of Shamash)
Just Dream x3


from Little Death, released March 28, 2017



all rights reserved


I M U R Vancouver, British Columbia

I M U R have an intuitive relationship with music, melody, and lyrics. Their ability to pair song to sentiment comes naturally, making it easy for listeners to be absorbed into their music. Their debut EP "Slow Dive" pulls influence from electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and progressive pop, and lyrically tends to share narrative threads encompassing heartache and the vices used to cope. ... more

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